Welcome to Schoemaker Design,
a personal experience brought to you by Hubert Matthew Schoemaker.

What I Do

I am a designer, a dreamer and a problem solver. Currently, I lead the strategy and design for next generation analysis tools for the intelligence community. I start my process by questioning everything. Only once we under the problems can we begin to adequately design a new solution.

Additionally, I do freelance and consulting work in the Washington DC metro area. I providing customers insight into their UX design teams or helping companies come up with game changing solutions to their current problem.


Who I Am

I'm a creative thinker who comes up with innovative solutions to complex problems. I currently hold a TS//SI clearance and lead a user experience design team at the department of defense.


My Skills

Product Design

UX Design



Parallel Parking

Javascript / Jquery

Visual Storytelling



My Work

Below are random samples of work from throughout the years.

Live samples

Below are random live samples of work from throughout the years.

Say Hello.

I'm a social person, TALK TO ME ;-).